A Time with Friends

November 13th, 2008

Again, I have to say I am overwhelmed by the show of support from all of my friends and family.  It is quite remarkable.  I have received messages from college teammates and friends from all over the world… South Africa, Austria, England, India, France, Mexico, Australia.  I even got a phone call today from Maria, my nanny growing up who lives in Wales!!  Not to mention the love I have received from Steamboat and the friends and family here at home.  Thank you all so much.

Today I had a pre-surgery procedure, a Lymphoscintigram, at the Jewish Hospital.  This is where I will have my surgery tomorrow.  I was injected four times in the area around my melanoma with a substance that makes my lymph nodes visible when they photograph my body with a special machine, similar to a CT Scan.  I won’t lie, the injections hurt like hell, and it didn’t help that the numbing cream they gave me reacted with my skin rather than numbing it.  But I’m a tough guy!! Haha.  I made friends with my nurse and discovered that she lived in Steamboat for seven years, so that was kind of cool.

I had a great evening last night at the Repass’s.  Some friends and I gathered for LaRosa’s Pizza and Skyline dip, which I haven’t had in over a year so it was good to chow on some “home” cooking.  Our conversations were dominated by stories of good times and past trips we took together and the amazing (and wild) times we have had from elementary school until now.  It was so refreshing to not discuss Cancer which has seemed to control most of my conversations lately.  Thank you Dan, Adam, Kevin, Zach, Sarah, Kara, Michelle, Caroline and Jessica for reminding me what a great group of friends we have and how blessed we ALL are for that! Those who couldn’t be there, trust me we shared stories that included you all, especially Peter’s Lake Cumberland roof jumping fiasco.  (sorry Pete)

Tonight, the Brockmeier family was kind enough to bring over some good home cooking for us.  Mrs. B was sure to include her famous brownies which I had to dig into before dinner, they are so damn good! I think any friend of Jay, Matt or Petes’ knows exactly what I’m talking about! Thanks Brock’s!

So, tomorrow is surgery day.  I can’t eat past midnight tonight or before my surgery tomorrow at 1:30 pm.  So if you know me, this will be a difficult task!  So I will stuff myself at 11:59 pm with all the food I can find!  My brother even invited me out to the bars tonight, and I responded with, “I think I might just take it easy tonight, Bro!”  Haha!  But this week I have gotten some good weight-lifting in with him, hopefully some of his strength has rubbed off on me for what is to come.

Good night all, And again, thank you for the support and love, it means everything to me.


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