November 21st, 2008

Hey All,

Today I had a very encouraging visit with my oncologist, Dr Leming.  He is very optimistic about my chances for success.  He described me as “cured until proven otherwise.” He believes that the first surgery successfully removed all of the cancer from my body.

However, I am scheduled for an additional surgery on Monday, December 1st, to remove all of the lymph nodes in the right side of my neck.  The surgery will last around four hours and I will stay in the hospital for a day or so.  There is some risk that my shoulder movement may be permanently affected, but that risk is low. After healing from that surgery for a month or so I will begin the Immunotherapy treatment (similar to Chemotherapy).  For the first month, five days a week, I will receive the drug (Interferon) intravenously. Then, I will give myself injections three days a week for 11 months.  There are some side effects to the drug, but I will work through it.Movie All Is Lost (2013)

Dr. Lemming thinks that it is important to note that the second surgery and the immunotherapy program are “insurance” for a full recovery.  He believes that four factors are vital to my health: Attitude, Spirituality, Family and Friends, and my Doctors.  I’m confident that I have and will continue to incorporate these factors in my life.

In other news, Boomer (my dog and best pal) made the trip across country today to be with me. (Thanks to Marie’s brother Mark, Boomer’s chauffeur).

As always, thanks to all for your support.

Here is a quote that I came across that pretty much sums things up:

Cancer is so limited.
It cannot cripple Love,
Shatter Hope,
Corrode Faith,
Destroy Peace,
Kill Friendship,
Suppress Memories,
Silence Courage,
Invade the Soul
Steal Eternal Life.
It cannot conquer the Spirit.




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