A Match We Won

December 24th, 2008

Hey Everyone,

I just wanted to do a quick blog and wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.  This Christmas is especially joyful for my family and me because of my good prognosis.

Its funny how in our busy lives we can take friends, family and traditions for granted until something life threatening gets in the way.  I want everyone to know that throughout this process, I have kept my faith, and belief that I will get through this without looking back.  And, I will continue to feel that way for what is to come in the next year with my therapy.  I also want to reiterate how important all of you are in helping me do this.  On a few occasions, I almost let the pain and emotions break me down, but every time I reminded myself of how many people were on my side and, just like one of my matches, I did my very best not to let you down.  I can proudly say that this is a match that WE won!

These past few months I have also been reminded of just how fortunate I am to have family that can offer the kind of support and love that I needed. And also for friends whose kindness I can’t even begin to express my appreciation.

This Christmas, let’s keep in mind those who are less fortunate than we.  I ask all of you to show the same kindness and benevolence that you have shown to me, to those who are less fortunate and truly need it this Christmas.  Lets’ keep the chain of love and giving alive.   Because of you all, it will not end with me.

Merry Christmas

Love Andy


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