R & R

May 4th, 2009

Hey all,

Just a quick update.  I am back in Cincinnati for a short while.  I had my second surgery in two weeks down in Houston last Thursday.  Now I am at home healing up from both.  I hope to get the staples out soon.  I have already started exercising a little each day and will start some physical therapy soon.  I need to get my shoulders back in good shape so I can get on the tennis court and gear up for some summer tournaments.

My break will be short.  I head back down to Houston with my dad on the 19th of May.  I will begin a three week radiation therapy program.  The details oh which I am unsure of at this time, but I will know much more when we get back down there for evaluation by the radiologist.

An update about the t-shirts:  I am ending the online sale of them this Friday the 8th of May.  I want to get them out to everyone as soon as possible and now that I have some down time, i want to get on top of it.  If anyone wants to order one after this Friday, just email me directly and we will figure something out!

A couple people asked about my friend Karie’s Boston Marathon run for Melanoma awareness.  She did it through the Shade Foundation of America.   Her specific website is http://www.shadefoundation.org/events/2009_Boston_Marathon/KarieSchlukebir

Please check it out.  As I mentioned before, once I am healthy I am going to do all I can to raise Melanoma awareness, just as Karie has done.  The Shade Foundation is a great place to learn about Melanoma and what you can do to help raise awareness. www.shadefoundation.org

I will drop another note when I am down in Houston for my next treatments.  Again, thanks to all for your love and support.



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