Change of Plan

October 31st, 2009

Hey everyone.

Its Halloween.  I was diagnosed this time last year.  Wow, I can’t believe its been a whole year and I am still dealing with this, now more than ever.

So my plan has changed yet again.  I thought I would be continuing with round five of bio-chemo treatments, but we got some news that has taken my treatment plan in a different direction.  My doctors found a few small tumor/lesions in my brain.  This news was completely shocking because I have been doing the bio-chemo treatments which have been improving the cancer in my legs and wiped out the cancer in my lungs, but it has developed in my brain at the same time.  Melanoma is tricky like that.

So, I have begun a new treatment plan to focus on the brain.  I have 14 whole brain radiation treatments lined up over the next three weeks.  Also, I have started new chemo that targets brain metastasis.  It is in pill form and side effects aren’t bad compared to bio-chemo, so thats good.

Hopefully this radiation and chemo will knock out the issues in the brain.  After that I may start the t-cell therapy or a new pill thats coming out to continue to treat the cancer in my legs.  I guess I will know more in a few weeks.

I wont lie, we were devastated by this news. Throughout this whole process I have been positive and upbeat, but this was a big blow.  I wanna thank my friends and family who have and continue to be the best supporters I could ask for.

I hope everyone has a happy and safe Halloween.


Posted by andy in His Own Words