May 19th, 2010

Hey All,

First off, thank you to everyone for your prayers and support.  They are keeping me strong and positive and I really appreciate every message and prayer that I receive. As an update, I finished whole brain radiation in Houston  and am now at home in Cincinnati.

As some of you may know, I was scheduled to have brain surgery to remove the largest tumor in my brain, However the pre-op MRI showed that the Gamma Knife procedure and whole brain radiation had reduced the size of the tumor, therefore surgery was unnecessary.

I plan to begin a systemic treatment trial to attack the cancer in the rest of my body as soon as possible. We are anxiously awaiting to hear from my doctors as to where and when this treatment will take place.

Now, some Exciting News!

During the past two or three weeks, when I have not been busy with my treatments, I have been focused on rolling out my biggest project ever: a not for profit organization called Mela-KNOW-More. Mela-KNOW-More will be an all encompassing resource for those affected by melanoma. This non-profit organization  will produce clothing and melanoma awareness events with meaning.  The clothes and events will carry a message that will raise awareness on how to prevent melanoma as well as spread the message that we are all most beautiful with healthy protected skin.

YOU are all are Invited!!

Mela-KNOW-More is a new non-profit organization and I am personally inviting  all of you to become its Founders. I am seeking contributions that will go directly to building this awesome organization as well as to Melanoma research at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, where I receive my care. Melanoma researchers are so close to a breakthrough and I am very passionate in helping them complete it. My family and Mela-KNOW-More team  will be so honored and grateful to know that  you are helping to find a cure and raise valuable awareness for this serious, and often misunderstood, disease.

So, How can YOU Help?!

If you are willing to contribute and to find out more info please visit the new website

When you Mela-KNOW-More, you are empowered to stay protected and you are empowering others to find a cure for those like me who are already affected.  So please, Mela-KNOW-More and get involved. Please help me spread the word. Post on your Facebook, twitter or where ever it will stick.  You can even text it around, just to tell folks that they should Mela-KNOW-More and give to/support this important cause.

As a way to say thank you to those who contribute, I have some pretty cool gifts: The first 50 Founders who donate more than $100 can receive a one time only limited edition Founder’s t-shirt. Also, every Founder who donates more than $10 will receive a limited edition Founder’s bracelet.

To really get the scoop on our mission and how to become a Founder yourself, again, check out the brand new site Mela-Know-More.

Thanks for your attention and support. I see big things for this organization and I hope you do also.  As always, thank you so much for the support from all of you. A special thank you to my family who just proves to be so incredible every day. Since being home they have had to deal with my bad moods, complaining and getting me around in a wheel chair.  Big thanks to my sister Courtney for sharing her children, who always make me smile and laugh. Family and friends are truly a blessing.

Posted by andy in His Own Words