2015 Western & Southern Tennis Tournament

July 29th, 2015

We are so excited to kick off another year at the Western & Southern Tennis Tournament! This year’s Western & Southern Tennis Tournament will take place again 嘉盛 in Mason, OH August 15-23.  The tournament continues to be our greatest awareness event and we rely on your support to spread the word about melanoma and safety in the sun.

We will once again have two booth shifts a day and two sun screen squad shifts a day.

Booth workers will man the Andy Caress Melanoma Foundation Booth. They will be in charge of handing out informational pamphlets, discussing ACMF with bystanders, and selling ACMF merchandise such as hats, sunscreen, and t-shirts.

Sunscreen Squad will consist of 4 people who will be walking around the concourse and handing out sunscreen.  They will be constantly moving around the venue! The Sunscreen Squad will also encourage bystanders to visit the ACMF booth.

We have been so blessed with amazing volunteers and hope you continue to support the Andy Caress Melanoma Foundation.

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